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  商品編號: DVDXX13475
  商品名稱: Abyssmedia i-Sound Recorder for Windows音頻錄音工具
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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Abyssmedia i-Sound Recorder for Windows音頻錄音工具
Abyssmedia i-Sound Recorder是一款專業級的音頻錄音工具,專業的音頻錄製除了需要專業的錄音器材以外,一款優秀的錄音工具也是不可缺少的,Abyssmedia i-Sound Recorder就是免費的音頻錄音軟件,它能對麥克風、CD、互聯網以及媒體播放器中的聲音進行錄製,並將所錄製的內容以MP3等常見格式存儲到本地!

它除了可以將錄音的內容保存為 WAV、MP3、WMA、OGG 等格式之外,還支持保存為 APE 文件類型,APE 是採用 Monkey's Audio 編碼的音頻格式。Monkey's Audio 也是當前最通用的“無損”音頻編解碼器。它不同於 MP3 ,使用 APE 壓縮音頻數據時不會丟失任何聲音質量,但輸出的文件也比較大。

i-Sound is a next generation sound recorder for Windows. Newest version unleashes the power of Windows 10 and ready to record streaming audio out-of-box. i-Sound includes all the features of its predecessor, but main feature is an ability to record audio from output device directly without using "Stereo Mix" input. Yes, it's true! "Stereo Mix" is no longer required. You do not need to spend time searching right audio driver. You do not need enable "hidden" or "disabled" audio devices via Control Panel. 

Direct Audio Recording
After installation i-Sound will use your default playback device (Speakers) for recording. You will get the digital copy of all sound going through the speakers with perfect quality.

Real time audio compression
i-Sound save free space on hard drive using real-time audio compression to most popular audio formats like MP3, OGG and WMA or lossless audio formats like WAV, APE and FLAC.

Advanced Scheduler
i-Sound can start recording at predefined time, date, day of week and open URL of streaming audio. Browser window will be closed automatically after recording. You can specify up to one hundred recording tasks.

Voice activated recording
VOX is a smart system that can skip silent pauses in audio, but ignore short snaps and background noise. It works just like a portable digital recorder.

Automatic Gain Control
AGC used to keep the audio at a consistent volume by gradually increasing or decreasing the gain in response to the changes in signal level. You can also configure it manually using the VU Meter.

Easily edit recordings
If you wish to edit audio file after recording then you can use free sound editor add-on. Just open recording browser, select your recording and click "Edit file in sound editor" button. First time it will download and install add-on, next time it will load audio file to editor automatically.

Manage your Recordings
Recording browser lets you manage to listen to recordings, delete, rename, and edit your recordings without leaving the program.

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