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  商品編號: DVDXX13213
  商品名稱: Portable 3delite Batch Sledge Photo Processor x64-批量照片處理器
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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Portable 3delite Batch Sledge Photo Processor x64-批量照片處理器
Batch Sledge Photo Processor是一款專業的批量照片處理器,這款軟件為您提供了多種方法來增強和修改列出的圖像,高效的批處理轉換實用程序並支持幾乎所有的圖形圖像格式,無需複雜的程序,只需要選擇你想要轉換或處理的文件,選擇轉換或處理任務的選項,就可以開始了,同時它還可以在批處理模式下對整個圖像列表執行,例如向圖像添加相同的文本標識,將不同的圖像裁剪到相同的大小和格式等等,讓輕鬆處理圖片,是最佳的照片處理神器。

Batch Sledge Photo Processor is a powerful batch image processing application with an innovative user configurable process path functionality. The application implements tasks and the user can construct a custom process from these tasks. There are 3 different task objects: a simple 'task' item, that receives an input, performs processing, and returns an output, a 'case' item that receives an input and decides at which output to forward the input object and continue the process, and a 'result' (save picture) item. All these items' pins can be connected visually in the editor with the mouse. The application also supports saving and loading of the process configuration with a preset system.


The user can construct a custom process visually to run from the available task components
'Task' (worker), 'Case' (conditional branching) and 'Results' (save picture) items
Inputs can have multiple sources and outputs can have multiple destinations
Task items that are compatible can be only conected in editor
Preview the picture at any stage of the process
Preset system for loading and saving of the defined process path
Effects included: resize, rotate, grayscale, flip, lighten/darken, adjust gamma, invert, twirl and bloat
Branching items included: lossy or lossless, by EXIF info and source file bit depth
Save formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, JPEG 2000 and TIFF
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