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  商品編號: DVD910361
  商品名稱: Siemens SIMOTION SCOUT 5.2 SP1 x64
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $250元
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Siemens SIMOTION SCOUT 5.2 SP1 x64
SCOUT 工程系統為SIMOTION 提供了系統組態、一體化的編程、參數設定、調試及故障診斷工具;運行時軟件模塊使邏輯控制、運動控制與工藝控制功能融為一體,以工藝對象的形式封裝諸如軸、凸輪等具有典型功能的對象,用戶可以直接使用;不同的硬件平台使用相同的工程開發系統和運行時軟件模塊,能夠滿足用戶靈活配置的需要。
SCOUT 具有友好的人機界面,為用戶開發SIMOTION 工程項目提供一體化的工具,且無縫集成於SIMATIC 環境中(TIA)。
x64 | Languages:Multilangage 
SCOUT Simotion , the name of the software engineering and specialized in industrial monitoring and control. Software before you as a powerful tool in this field is known. This software product that Siemens is well-known companies and enterprises the ability to control movement can be set up and programming. Siemens to provide systems engineering has led the motion control industry and elusive as before is not difficult. The software has been under development and users of the software are satisfied with this system.

Software SIMOTION SCOUT is in fact a means of combination. This software is capable of the task motion control, PLC, and technology functions in a single system to efficiently drive settings very well. In fact, the application before you complete tool puts at your disposal. With this software, you'll no longer had any need of any tools. SIMOTION motion control as well as all functions are available via the TIA Portal. This fully efficient and useful engineering software will allow you to take full advantage and provides top equipment.

Features and SIMOTION SCOUT:
-Benefit from the convenient interface and understandable for engineers and industry professionals
-Benefit from the most powerful tools available in the field of motion control and work
-The combination of different tasks: motion control, PLC, and technology functions in a system drive settings
-Efficient and allows full use of all the functionality available