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  商品編號: DVD12678
  商品名稱: Asmwsoft PC Optimizer 2019 10.0.3081-系統優化器
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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Asmwsoft PC Optimizer 2019 10.0.3081-系統優化器
Asmw PC-Optimizer是用來讓系統在最好性能中運行的多用途的系統優化器。它清除註冊表,加密及解密文件,反安裝程序,刪除垃圾文件以及零字節文件,改變你的啟動設置及刪除不需要的DLL文件,清除你的歷史文件,同樣可以找到及修復或刪除損壞的快捷方式,加速你的網絡連接,改變你的IE設置,管理Windows啟動程序。得到硬盤的所有信息,包括所有文件夾以及在當前路徑下的的文件數量。

Asmwsoft PC Optimizer is a software that comes bundled with tools you need to improve the performance of your computer. The user interface of the program consists of a simple window in which you can access tools for optimization, cleaning, repairs, protection, disks, and others. Thus, you can boost your Internet speed connection, configure programs which automatically run at system startup, tweak Windows, remove unnecessary DLLs, delete fonts, optimize RAM, view system information and use a process manager.

You can also clean junk files, delete navigation tracks, eliminate web popups and use a maintenance wizard tool, as well as fix registry problems, invalid install information and invalid shortcuts.

Furthermore, you can encrypt and decrypt files, lock EXEs, use a file shredder and a "MenuGuard" tool, backup and restore the registry, as well as restrict programs.

Moreover, you can create new catalogs for drives, split and join files, get driver statistics, open Registry Editor, check for empty folders, analyze log files, block IP spam messages, organize contact addresses information, check for updates, view general statistics, schedule an event, and more.

The application uses a low amount of system resources, includes a well-written help file and didn't pop up any errors during our tests.

Asmw PC-Optimizer Pro may not necessarily bring something new to the table, but it gets the job done in a short amount of time. We strongly recommend this app all users.